Five Things You Should Keep In Your Gym Bag at All Times

Ellie T

Posted on May 16 2018

Must Have Products That Will Ease Your Next Fitness Session

Bath Wrap Towel

A trip to the gym can go from being fun and energizing to tedious and annoying in no time at all, especially if you find yourself reaching around your gym bag only to realize you left something at home. Part of planning for a good fitness workout is packing your gym back to include everything you need. From the moment you walk through your local fitness center doors to the moment you leave and head home, you rely on the items inside your bag. Follow these tips to make sure you arrive prepared:

Gym towel

1- Gym Towel

When picking out a gym towel, you want one that's large enough to dry you off but not so large that it won’t fit comfortably in your bag. At 11'' x 44'', our velour/terrycloth towel is the perfect size for a trip to the gym. Use it after the showers or to wipe down after an intense workout.

2- Bath Wrap/Towel

The biggest downside to most bath towels is that they don't like to stay up, meaning you spend more time re-adjusting your towel than you do getting cleaned up and ready for the rest of your day. This men's shower wrap has the comfort of a towel with the added convenience of an elasticized waistband and a wide-mouth pocket.


3- Bathrobe and Slipper

Don't run the risk of exposing your bare feet to a locker room floor. When it comes to athlete’s foot and other shower-room germs, an ounce of prevention is well worth more than a pound of cure. Keep your skin safe by always keeping a pair of Cottonage's Waffle Slippers in your gym bag.

Want to dry off fast after a shower? Try our plush Waffle Bathrobe for something both luxurious and casual. Or make it a Hooded Bathrobe to help dry hair even faster or keep your head covered in the cooler winter months.

Gym Bag

4- Gym Bag



And of course there's the bag itself. Don't settle for any old reusable shopping tote, but outfit yourself with a workout bag that's specially designed to meet the needs of the regular gym-goer. CottonAge has an excellent selection of gym bags in a wide range of colors, sizes, and styles.

5- Everyday Accessories

In addition to a towel, a bath wrap, and a set of slippers, you'll want to make sure your workout bag contains a few basic necessities like the following:

● Hair brush or comb – You don't want to walk out of the locker room without running a comb through your locks.
● Deodorant – One of the easiest things to forget when packing a workout bag is deodorant. We recommend buying an extra stick to keep in your bag at all times.
● Soap – Even if your locker room provides soap, it's a good idea to bring your own, especially if there's a brand you prefer. Don't forget a plastic bag to store it in!
● Sports bandage and basic first aid – It's always a good idea to carry a few band aids and some athletic tape along with your standard sports wrap. If you suffer from any mild injuries like carpal tunnel, be sure you toss your braces in as well.

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