Sell yourself, not your stuff

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Posted on May 16 2017

The world is a stage. A platform to share your gifts and talents with others. And the internet? It’s the ultimate global marketplace where you get to show up, shine, and share who you are and what you do.

And yet… 

If you’re like many of our customers – artisans, creatives, and crafty types - you may be so passionate about what you do… but the idea of marketing and selling intimidates you.

Can you relate?

We get it. Which is why we showed up in your inbox today. We’re on a mission to demystify the marketing aspect of being in business by offering you innovative, easy-to-follow tips for growing your business… without wasting time, energy, money, or customer loyalty.

Today’s Tip: STOP Selling Your Stuff & START Selling YOU!

It’s not that the products you sell aren’t amazing. It’s just that anyone can sell a product similar to yours. What no one else can do? Be you.

As an artisan, you have a unique backstory. Maybe you don’t find it particularly interesting, but we do! And we’re betting your customers will find it intriguing, too.

So tell us…

  • Why did you get into the business you’re in?
  • What excites you about the work you do?
  • What do your customers rave about?
  • How can you share these things more candidly – and captivatingly – online? Think about updating your social media profiles and Etsy or Amazon Marketplace descriptions. Tell us who you are and (no pressure) make us care!

When telling your story, keep these 3 criteria in mind:

  1. Be Informative: Share information that educates your customers.
  1. Be Credible: Demonstrate that you have experience, training, education, have done your homework, and are personally invested in your work.
  1. Be Entertaining: Go ahead… Let your personality & passion shine (a.k.a. Don’t be boring)!

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