Seven Tips You Should Learn Before Washing Terry Cloth Robe

Sonia Gonzalez

Posted on November 01 2017

How exactly do you prolong your Terry Bathrobe’s lifespan?

terry cloth robe washing guideExcitement is coursing through you as you have just gotten your new cotton bathrobe and you can't wait to start putting it on every opportunity you get. But then, owning and wearing a cotton bathrobe continuously means it will get dirty and as such, you need to worry about how to wash it to maintain its quality and lifespan.

If not done properly, your Terry cloth robe may lose its longevity. It will start to fade and before you know it, you'll have a bathrobe that will look over-worn within a few months. No matter how amazing and superb the quality of a bathrobe is, improper washing can lead to all of the above factors. So the question remains; how exactly do you prolong your Terry Bathrobe’s lifespan?
Follow the seven tips listed below and your robe will look super amazing for a longer period of time.

1- Check Manufacturer's Label

Before you get into the act of washing your Terry cloth bathrobe, one crucial thing you need to know is the kind of material you are about to sink in water or place in the washing machine. Checking the label will give you an idea of this and more often than not, should provide directions on how to wash and launder the robe. A lot of manufacturers provide this information, so checking the item’s label is first thing you should do before you decide to wash your Terry cloth bathrobe. Some manufacturers use washing symbols, some don't (like us for your convenience). Below image is a cheat sheet for you to understand the label content for washing.

manufacturer washing symbols icons

2- Wash Before First Use

Before using your terry cloth or terry towel robes, it is advised that they first be washed. The reason for this is because when some of the bathrobes are first manufactured, they are coated with a special fabric softener which gives it its soft and fluffy feel. It is recommended that you should use 2 cups of white vinegar when you are about to make the first wash and not detergent. Not washing the robe before its first use can also hinder the ability of the fabric to absorb water.

3- Wash Seperately

When you are washing your terry cloth robes, you need to make sure that they are washed separately from other loads for various reasons. When you first machine wash your towel robe for the first time, the loops where the terry cloth robe is weaved for softness will produce a large amount of lint residue. Please note that this will only happen on the first wash so you will need to clean out the lint trap on your washing machine. In order for the lint not to get on the other clothes, do not wash them in the same load as your terry robe. In addition, pieces of clothing with  buttons, velcro, hooks or zippers should never be washed with your terry robe as they can cause damage to the robes such as holes, frays, or rips.

3- Cold Wash or Gentle Cycle

After a few washes, dark-colored  bathrobes are prone to get dull. To prevent this, you should make sure you wash and do the drying inside out. For bright colored garments, you do not want the color from one fabric to affect the color of another fabric. So make sure the water you use for washing is cold. Using the gentle cycle which will make the robe have a better lifespan through more additional washes.

4- Do not Use Bleach

Avoid using bleach regularly unless it is extremely necessary on all-white loads. Using bleach on your terry cloth will cause its fibers to break down faster making the fabric weak and causing the garment to wear out prematurely. If there's a tough stain you want to remove, you can simply spray that specific area with a stain remover spray. A high quality laundry stain remover should be used to pre-treat any food or dirt stain on your terry cloth as soon as it is noticed.

5- Mild Detergent Should be Used

Your bathrobe is not a garment that will get typically dirty like the other clothing you wear, so to prolong its lifespan, you need to use mild detergent for the washing process. For the robe to remain soft, use only half of the recommended detergent for the load. This is because in most cases, the residue from the soap will make the cotton stiff and hard to the touch. If you are going to use liquid fabric softeners, make sure to add one and half cup of baking soda to the wash load. This will also give the fabric added freshness. Using liquid softeners alone can weaken the fabric's ability to absorb water.

6- Tumble Dry Low Heat

Tumble dry low  is the recommended setting when drying  with your terry cloth item. When the low heat setting is used for drying, most cotton clothing will shrink a little but your terry cloth will shrink less and fluff more. Also, try not to hang your terry robe in the sun. If you must do this, it should be for a very short period of time and do not forget that the inside-out technique is always a good idea. The sun can make the colors deteriorate, whether dark or light.

7- Ironing

Your terry cloth bathrobe does not need ironing as they tend to not fold or crease. They are shape keepers.

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