Give More Pleasure to Your Clients by Adding This Spa Essentials

Ellie T

Posted on February 21 2018

Spa Essentials by Cottonage

Cottonage happily assists you with affordable high quality bathrobes, slippers, headbands and bath wraps that will definitely play a role in offering an amazing pampering experience. Everything will be in the details and paying attention to them will leave your guests wanting more!

Spa Robes

Getting a feeling of gratification when seeing your customers completely lost in a paradise you have provided to them can be so extraordinary! Exclusive and lavish should be a feeling every single one of your customers feels as soon as they enter and leave your spa.

Cottonage believes that creating an atmosphere full of bliss will surely satisfy those looking for some luxurious pampering. What can make this spa experience one to always remember? Having the correct amenities to please everybody attending and creating an astonishing comfort level even for the more demanding guests. Cottonage can happily assist you with affordable high quality bathrobes that will definitely play a role in offering an amazing pampering experience. 

Disposable Slippers & Spa Accessories

How great would it be for your spa guests to have an exquisite and comforting experience from head to toe! Moreover, your visitors should benefit from absolute peacefulness for their entire stay. What’s more beneficial to feel this relaxation then having items such as slippers and headbands ready for them at all times.

  Whether you provide disposable, terry or waffle style slippers Cottonage can happily assist you. When receiving an exfoliating facial or a massage, that special guest of yours does not want their hair bothering them ever. Make your guest feel appreciated with matching spa headbands with our spa robes and slippers, nothing is more acknowledged than a pleasant surprise.

Spa Bath Wraps

Cottonage would be more than glad to help complete your guest’s stay by providing an indispensable accessory that completely has to be taken into consideration, such as the bath wrap.

Quality and durability match what will always offer. What better way to build a great rapport for your spa then by having every guest feel like they can walk anywhere without the worry of a loose towel falling out of place. Nobody wants an annoying towel that has to be adjusted multiple times, right? Replace this problem by having men and woman bath wraps that glorify what a spa is all about, comfort! So let the lounging around your indulging castle begin and have that peace of mind that your special invitees will have their needs attended to with a glorious bath wrap.


Provide exceptional service with crucial necessities such as bathrobes, slippers, headbands, bath wraps and towels to establish your spa as one of the greats! Don’t let your efforts be decayed by not paying attention to basic spa needs. There is no such thing as a shortage of options when it comes to a world full of tranquility. When selecting pivotal items for enhancing your spa kingdom, always remember that every detail will make a difference.

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