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terry cloth robes for women

1- Terry Cloth Robe

Crafted from high quality fabrics, our Cotton Terry Cloth Bathrobes typically are made up of 100% cotton. Terry Cotton Material are highly absorbent thanks to the presence of fiber loops both internally and externally, and hence are very resistant to normal use. Moreover, they are environmentally friendly and economical at the same time.

2- Kids Terry Cloth Robe with Hood

Pamper your kids with our high quality and soft Kids Terry Bathrobes. Our kids terry robe is
woven with 100% Natural Cotton Terry Cloth. We are taking care of your kids as well as you and we know that they deserve good quality products that are made of natural cloths.

3- Waffle Kimono Square Pattern Robe White

Our Waffle Weave Kimono Bathrobe had been woven with 65% natural cotton and 35%
polyester, that cloth mix makes it more lightweight than other waffle robes. Adapted Japanese Kimono style and its soft fabric offers you comfort, coziness and elegance after shower or while lounging at home, spa or hotel.

4- Micro Fleece Shawl Robe

Our Fleece robe is made from microfiber polyester fabric that makes it soft, cozy and warm. You will not want to take it off at your leisure. You will cover up in this Fleece Robe first thing in the morning and the rest of lazy day. Our Fleece Robe is designed one size which is mostly fitted all sizes of both men and women.

5- Open Toe Waffle Slippers

Our Waffle Weave Spa Slippers are made of 100% Natural Cotton for keeping your feet
warmer and dryer. Waffle spa slippers have solid EVA bottom, so they are appropriate to use of both indoor and outdoor.

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