Buying With Cottonage 

We show retail prices on our website for everyone, but our bulk and wholesale prices are only shown to those who sign up for a wholesale reseller account with us.

Signing up for a wholesale/reseller account gives you exclusive access to unbeatable prices, services, and support that many other online retailers do not offer.

Cottonage is a partner to creative, personalization, and customization business owners. We offer our products to everyone, but specialize in selling to businesses. We offer a value-added relationship by providing quality textile products in blank form and stocking the fabrics and styles businesses need. In addition, we offer personalized service, marketing support, and creative product ideas. We strive to be a trend-setter in the growing personalized apparel market.

Here are some helpful buying tips for everyone:

  • Website security is a top priority. Trust our website security when you see the web address (URL) beginning with "https". The "s" notes the site has special security. Never submit personal or payment information on a website with only a "http" address.
  • Unconditional return policies guarantee your satisfaction. This protects you and your purchases.
  • Double check the payment methods and shipping details before ordering. A credible online retailer will always post their shipping rates so there are no surprises. 
  • Look for an Online Privacy Policy. Anyone conducting transactions online must have a policy that states how they mange your information.
  • Most shops are able to deliver the products you order within one week after purchase, but shipping may take longer depending on where you live.  Most shops have daily shipping schedules. This means that they ship the products out soon after the payments are cleared. That leaves you with only so much time to change your mind and cancel your order. Whenever possible, decide carefully before placing an order and try to make changes within the same day if you want to change your order.

Tips for wholesale and bulk shopping:

  • Wholesale prices should have specific buying terms associated with them or be hidden behind a login. If a price looks too good to be true, it probably is. Selling products wholesale is a type of business, not just a price. Many overseas manufacturers have websites in the US. You may get cheap products, but you also run the risk of getting cheap service (poor shipping, unreliable inventory and quality, and/or little to no customer support). You may also get hit with the full charges for import taxes (15%+ for bathrobes and towels). Worst of all, these retailers may sell your information to other companies.
  • When in doubt, call before you buy. Wholesale selling is about creating a long terms relationship. If you can't easily contact a company or get the information you need, a cheap price won't make up for a lack of service. 

If you take time to consider these options, you will surely be wrapped in your plush bath robe in no time!

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