Care Instructions: Washing And Cleaning

For Cotton, Terry, Waffle, And Velour

For washing, we recommend mild detergent. To maintain the softness, always wash at 60┬░ as part of a full load, along with other multicolored textiles if you desire. Insufficient loading may cause pilling through rubbing with washing drum. After spin drying, stretch the product by hand while it is damp. For tumble drying, use a low heat setting only, and do not dry on or near a heater. Do not over-dry.

The soft and fluffy towel fabric will be more absorbent, stable, and terry fabric loops are not easily pulled. If a terry loop is pulled (from zips or other sharp objects), simply cut off the pull with scissors. This will not cause damage to the fabric. Do not pull at the loops.

Please follow the treatment instructions on the individual product label.

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