Who We Are. Who You Are.

Who We Are. Who You Are.

Legacy. Creativity. Individuality.

With a rich history in sewing, textiles, and fabrics, we’ve grown our business while championing yours. And while we’ve increased in sales and size over the last 13 years, we’re still a small business at heart that provides wholesale products at great prices and exceptional quality. Our goal? To be a go-to partner you can rely on so you’re free to innovate, ideate, and create customized and personalized products your customers love.

We’re tireless in our pursuit of quality products at affordable prices and exceptional service. When you partner with us, you receive individual attention and reliable customer care (we never phone it in!). Our employees aren’t nameless or faceless. They’re individuals with a commitment to you and your success. We know them by name and invite you to get to know them.

We refer to our wholesale partners like you on a first name basis, too. When making business decisions, we always ourselves How does this affect our customers?

Simply put, YOU matter. Your business matters.


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